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Reader Poll 15: From where do you get most of your book recommendations?

From where do you get most of your book recommendations?

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Marsha Rippy

I also will follow recommendations from trusted authors.

laura loy

I have the authors (you are def. one) that I read all of their books as soon as they come out. But I find new ones through RT mag. but it wasn’t lited so I went with facebook because that is where I do get some. I love, love, love your books. Thank You for giving me such enjoyment when I’m having my real bad days and if there is no new books out that I like I can always reread yours. I never get tired of them:)

Bonnie Capuano

Actually when I love an author I buy there books…all of them…but with a new book I get the recommendations from Amazon.

Paula Salgado

I guess mostly I go to my favorite Authors webpage and see what they have coming up. I get email from the writer blog and goddess blog. I like to keep up with the characters when I am reading a book series.


TBH it’s a mix of GR, friends and book blogs.

Maggie Ames

Could you give us a freebie once in a while? None of the famous authors do and I’m on disability and cannot afford to pay for kindle books. I get the free ones from amazon,

Norma Fraley

I have read all of your books, and loved them. I have a site on my lap top I called favorites, and I get to read excerpts from all of my favorite authors.

Eileen Dandashi

I get most of my book recommendations from Facebook connections.


People I follow on twitter and bloggers I trust.


I follow my favorite authors and sometimes I check out a book that they recommend but other than that I depend on myself to find a great book.

linda abbott

I belong to an online bookclub. We seem to be really in sync when it comes to favorite authors and books, so I now go to them first for recommendations.

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