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Designing Debutantes

A successful debut requires a smashing social event, and in the Designing Debutantes series, the key ingredient is Elegant Occasions—a talk of the ton trio of creative, enterprising young ladies who’ve rejected working as governesses to become party planners. And if they, and their wealthy clients, happen to find love along the way, it just makes their efforts more rewarding. . .

Duke Dynasty

From New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries comes a sparkling new series about an oft-widowed mother’s grown children, who blaze through society in their quest for the truth about their fathers . . . and in the process find that love conquers all.

The Sinful Suitors

The Sinful Suitors series is centered around the newly formed St. George’s Club, founded by a group of well-meaning gentlemen who conspire to keep their unattached sisters and wards out of the clutches of sinful suitors. Which works fine . . . except for when the sinful suitors are members!

The Duke's Men

Dominick Manton, the disinherited younger son of a viscount, refuses to let his lot in life ruin his future success. Instead, he opens Manton Investigations, specializing in finding missing persons, and employs his illegitimate half-sister, Lisette Bonnaud. When they take on the Duke of Lyons’ case involving their other illegitimate sibling, Tristan Bonnaud, neither realizes that they’re beginning something extraordinary. Because the secrets they uncover will rock the dukedom and alter their own futures until the agency becomes, by popular acclaim… The Duke’s Men.

  • What the Duke Desires
  • When the Rogue Returns

The Hellions of Halstead Hall

When the Stoneville children lost their parents as a result of a tragedy nineteen years ago, it sent them into free fall, which is where they’ve been ever since. Their rich maternal grandmother has been supporting Oliver (the Marquess of Stoneville), Jarret, Minerva, Gabriel, and Celia, but now she has issued an ultimatum—marry or be cut off. And not just one of them, but all of them. Now they’re scrambling to decide what to do with their lives. Do they give in to Gran’s demands? Or do they fight to thwart her somehow?

  • A Lady Never Surrenders

The School for Heiresses

After heiress Charlotte elopes with a dashing soldier who runs through her entire inheritance before having the good sense to get himself killed in a duel, she vows to keep other young women from making her mistake. So, with the help of a mysterious and anonymous benefactor, she establishes Mrs. Harris’s School for Young Ladies that caters to heiresses – discreetly. Her private Lessons for Heiresses are quite informative, and before long wealthy parents are scrambling to have their daughters admitted to what the gossips deem “Mrs. Harris’s School for Heiresses.” The only trouble is, they probably wouldn’t approve of everything their daughters are learning!

  • The School for Heiresses
  • Only a Duke Will Do
  • Beware a Scots Revenge
  • Snowy Night with a Stranger

The Royal Brotherhood

This series features three half-brothers who are fictional bastards of the Prince of Wales (for more about Prinny’s many affairs, check out the Rooted in History tab below). Bound together by the royal father who denied them, they have formed a pact to help each other achieve their every desire—including the women of their dreams.

The Swanlea Spinsters

Condemned to spinsterhood by circumstances (and bad luck), Lady Rosalind, Lady Helena, and Lady Juliet are struggling to make ends meet with an ill father and an underfunded estate. That’s when Griffith Knighton and Daniel Brennan make an appearance to change their lives forever.

  • A Dangerous Love
  • A Notorious Love
  • After the abduction

The Lord Trilogy

When The Pirate Lord kidnaps a shipload of convict women, little does he know that he is about to meet a stepsister and stepbrother, Sara Willis and the Earl of Blackmore, who will change his life forever. Nor does he expect to find himself eventually part of a group of friends that includes not only him but the earl and his best friend, the Viscount St. Clair. These three men’s stories make up the Lord trilogy.

  • The Pirate Lord
  • The Forbidden Lord
  • The Dangerous Lord

Reworked Wales

Set in Wales during the tumultuous late Georgian era and early Regency, these two books written under the Deborah Martin pseudonym center around one couple’s story of betrayal and redemption, followed by the story of their protégé and the love he finds with a shy, scholarly lover of myths and folklore. Although the books have been reworked to improve the pace and sharpen the writing, they’re still darker and more dramatic than the Sabrina Jeffries books, with more emphasis on the historical backdrop. But her characteristic sexual tension and some of her humor still shine through.

Reworked Restoration

Set in the Restoration period of Charles II, when theaters were first using women actresses in female parts and men like the famous libertine Lord Rochester were swaggering about London, this two-book series was originally published under the Deborah Martin pseudonym. Although the books have been reworked to improve the pace and reflect Sabrina’s changing interests, they still represent a different kind of work. They’re dark, dramatic, and emotional. But they still seethe with her characteristic sexual tension, and they encapsulate an era that she has always found fascinating.

Short Fiction

In these short fiction selections, readers will find all of the romance, wit, and charm they have come to expect from a Sabrina Jeffries novel packaged in a read-all-in-one-sitting format. This selection of novellas, short stories, and e-book shorts will give readers a quick fix of Sabrina’s storytelling when they’re in between reading her full-length novels.

  • One Night With a Rogue
  • A Dance with the Devil
  • Fantasy
  • The School for Heiresses
  • A Day in Mossy Creek
  • At Home in Mossy Creek
  • Snowy Night with a Stranger
  • The French Maid

Written as Deborah Martin

Most of the books written as Deborah Martin are unavailable new, but you can still find copies in used bookstores and online used outlets (including Amazon and Barnes and Noble). For more info, go to my How to Find My Books page. The Deborah Martin historicals are denser and less humorous than my Sabrina Jeffries books, but if you are looking for sexual tension, both styles have plenty of it.

  • Moonlight Enchantment
  • Creole Nights
  • Dangerous Angel
  • One Night With a Rogue
  • A Dance with the Devil
  • Creole Bride

Written as Deborah Nicholas

These are contemporary paranormal romantic suspense novels, but unfortunately all the Deborah Nicholas titles are out of print and cost a pretty penny used. But you might get lucky, and if you do, you may enjoy them. They’re shown here from most recent to oldest. For more info on where to find them, go to the How to Find My Books page.

  • Night Vision
  • Silent Sonata
  • Shattered Reflections