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Dangerous Angel

Writing as: Deborah Martin

Dangerous Angel

No longer in print.

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Cordelia Shalstone, the daughter of a country vicar, seemed a model of propriety and an angel of mercy and charity. None guessed Cordelia’s unseemly secret life—composing music, a sphere reserved for men. And not even Cordelia herself suspected the passion waiting to be awakended within her.

The handsome Sebastian Kent, Duke of Waverley, took Cordelia at face value. He could not believe that this beautiful young lady possessed such heavenly musical talent. He could not believe that just being near her could stir such intense desire in him. And he could not believe that a vicar’s daughter would ever accept his fervent overtures.

But when the upright lord and the vicar’s daughter set off for London to launch her music career, the Duke’s resolve to hold his lust in check was overruled by Cordelia’s refusal to deny her own ardent yearnings. It was a definite turnabout in the game of love which proved Cordelia more determined than Sebastian when it came to fulfilling their hungry hearts…