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Reader Poll 18: What kind of romance makes up the bulk of your reading?

What kind of romance makes up the bulk of your reading?

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And then there is the Historical Paranormal Romances (Susanna Kearsley, Ciji Ware)

Danielle Carter

The obly type of romance novel l read ( and l read a lot of them!) Is historical romance. Usually set in victorian england of scotland. My favorite authors are Julia Quinn, lisa Kleypas, karwn Hawkins, eloise James, Sabrina Jefferies and a few more.

Shirley Taylor

I would have loved to have been able to answer more specifically so here goes!
What kind of romance makes up the bulk of your reading?
Historical – 95%
Paranormal – 0.5%
Contemporary – 1.5%
Romantic Suspense – 2%
Erotic – 0%
New Adult – 0% (first time I’ve ever even heard of this genre!)
Futuristic – 1% (is this genre no more?)

Mary O'Maley

Tough one. For me the first 3 are pretty even.

Netasha Patywich

Though most of my books are historical Paranormal is not far behind-probably Historical = 38% , Paranormal = 36% all others = 26%…(statistically
Cheers Netasha

Jolene Ehret

I really read equally between Historical and Romantic suspense…

Joyce Chapman

I love historical romance. I sometimes think that I was born in the wrong time period. But, just my luck if I had been born back then, I would probably have been one of the servants instead of the Ton.

Sharlene Wegner

I am really half & half with historical & contemporary.


Poll is a little misleading. I chose Contemporary over Romantic Suspense but I don’t really consider Nora Roberts (or Jayne Ann Krentz) Contemporary romance – they are more Romantic Suspense as they usually have a measure of intrigue in their stories. But I don’t read the authors you have listed as Romantic Suspense.

I’m off Historical Romance right now – there are just a handful of Historical authors that I still read (including Sabrina!) on a regular basis.

Sabrina Jeffries

Barb, romantic suspense is always problematic because people define it differently. I put intrigue in my books, but they wouldn’t be considered romantic suspense. And Nora definitely writes a whole lot of books that have little to no intrigue (like her wedding series). But JAK definitely does write a good bit of suspense. She writes such a wide variety that it’s hard to define her. I enjoy both authors in all their different versions!

I’m glad you’re still reading my books. Do you mind me asking what put you off of historical romance?


It was too hard to pick just one, but I did.


love Danial Brenner


I’d get even more specific — I prefer Regency Historical Romances, not so much anything set in Georgian times. And shouldn’t westerns/western romances have their own list?

Sabrina Jeffries

I was looking at broader categories. But don’t worry, down the line there will be a poll about favorite settings, heroes, etc. for historicals!


This is tough, because I’m a VERY eclectic reader. I binge read what strikes my fancy at the time. I read a lot of paranormal/urban fantasy, regency/medieva/westernl historicals, romantic suspense, and a fair share of erotica. If I book is well written it doesn’t matter the genre…

cinnamon chaisson

i have to agree with this poll being misleading, i read just about every genre of romance, depends on what is next on the pile. i also read suspense and mystery. wonder why people feel that it is necessary to classify. as long as we read that should be what matters…


I found this hard to answer as I go through spurts of reading different sub-genres. Most recently it has been contemporaries, but before that fantasy/parnormal, and 6 months ago almost all historicals. So over a course of a 12 months I probably read everything about equal.

Elizabeth Turner

Evenly split between, Historical, Contemporary, and Romantic Suspense – Favourite Authors – Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle, Diana Palmer, Susan Mallery, Sabrina Jeffries, Johanna Lyndsey, Linda Lael Miller, Julia Quinn, Catherine Coulter – they cover all three genres.