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Silent Sonata

Writing as: Deborah Nicholas

Silent Sonata

No longer in print.

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He was an inspired pianist, a brooding genius possessed by the spirits of composers long dead. Devin Bryce buried his devastating secret in brilliant performances and eccentric behavior, hiding the truth from the world—until “Endnote” and the beautiful music critic who ignited his passion and threatened his career.

Suzanne Winslow knew the sonata by heart: her late stepfather’s last unpublished masterpiece. How had it come into Devin Bryce’s hands? And why did it sound as if Valentin Ressu himself were playing his avant-garde work? Her savage review brought Devin to her door. Destiny drove them into each other’s arms, unable to trust, inexorably bound by danger and desire. Someone was willing to kill to have “Endnote”—and Devin had struck the warning notes. Was he a solo performer? Or were they playing an unwitting duet in a deadly game of international intrigue?