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Reader’s Poll 10: In what format do you buy books?

In what format do you buy books?

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Kim Van Houten

Voted ebook but honestly a mixture of ebook and audiobook — this mix wasn’t listed as an option.


I buy print and ebook …. I prefer print:)


Actually, you need one with all three. I found your books through Audible and also bought the ebook versions. Then to collect, I bought the print versions.

jane mccarthy

I used to have literally thousands of books around my house as I refuse to throw them away and read compulsively. Once I got a kindle, now I have thousands of books on there and delete them as I read them. I still buy my favorite authors books and when possible get them autographed. I also have a few other autographed books or first editions that I have bought since then.

Diane Peterson

I love e-books! But the main issue is economic. I will buy the format I can buy for less. Often that is a print book since e-books are frequently not discounted. My preference is e-books. It would be great if the same discounts applied to both.

sarah sweebe

I love the feel of being able to hold a book and turn a page, but e-readers are great for vacations!

Amy Cook

I don’t read print any longer due to low vision but I have just received a Kindle and on it I can change the font size (larger than Large Print Books) and it can also read to me. I love audio as that was my only choice for years and is still my choice in the evening. So, I need the option of: A mix of audio and ebook, but since that isn’t available I will vote for audio since I don’t think it will get as many votes as ebook.


Books I am only going to read, I prefer in e-book. Books that I am going to study, I prefer a print version so I can make notes, underline etc.

Wattie Anderson

Love the smell of books and able to hold and turn pages physically, but when traveling the nook is so much lighter and I still have all my books 🙂

Suzann Gialenes

I prefer print books(paperback/easier to hold &cheaper) Though I have bought some on my I pad, I am afraid I will break it when I fall asleep and drop it.